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Security Vehicle Protection


All of ExploSpot Systems’ automatic fire suppression systems can cater for a manual override. In the case of a purely manually activated fire suppression system, the solution can only be activated by an operator within the vehicle or by utilising a switch located on the outside of a security vehicle. These systems may also include optional functions such as the indication of overheating, as well as error detection and indication. Manual fire suppression systems may be used on the wheels, external hull and roof of a security or riot control type vehicle. Some vehicles may also require a manual fire suppression system for the engine.

Typical solutions are:

  • Cab and crew fire and explosion suppression

  • Wheel fire extinguishing

  • Roof and side wall fire extinguishing

  • Underbody fire extinguishing

  • APU fire extinguishing


The suppression material used will vary according to the application:

  • Dry Chemical

  • Wet Chemical

  • Clean Agent

  • Water Mist

  • AFFF Mist

  • Dual Agent

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