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About Us


ExploSpot Systems (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1994 primarily to develop technology to enhance the survivability of the Olifants Main Battle Tank. The product was an automatic explosion suppression system that was implemented in the Olifants 1A and 1B MBTs. The technology proved so effective, that the Mine Health and Safety Council investigated the use of these suppression systems in coal mining operations. In a cooperation with the mining industry and support of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), a methane gas and coal dust mitigation control was developed. These Explospot® Automatic Explosion Suppression Systems (AESS) have been in use since 2001, and are used during mining operations to protect personnel, machinery and operations. ExploSpot® has undergone extensive testing, and is the only system approved by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), the CSIR Miningtek, Ergotek and Gerotek.

ExploSpot Systems Pty Ltd is the only company worldwide to have developed and produced the ultra-fast, fully effective and reliable explosion suppression system to stop methane and coal dust explosions in accordance with the SIMRAC Protocol. Furthermore ExploSpot® complies with the Queensland (Australia) Recognized Standard 21 and the South Aifrican Mine Health and Safety Counsil's "Prevention of Flammable Gas And Coal Dust Explosionsin Collieres".

ExploSpot Systems Pty Ltd is currently the only South African explosion suppression system Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). They are a solution provider focusing on the development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, installation and maintenance of the ExploSpot® Fire and Explosion Suppression System.

The company operates out of self-owned facilities. The facilities comprise of a factory space of 510 square meters, an office space of 280 square meters and storage space of 280 square meters. The facilities have been laid out to support the entire production of the ExploSpot® Suppression Systems. This includes the mechanical and electronic component manufacturing, welding, painting and component testing.

All components are subject to the highest degree of quality auditing. Continuous research is done in the mining, military and industrial operation and new equipment technologies. ExploSpot Systems Pty Ltd strives to save lives and assets, while at the same time adding value to any operation that the systems interfaces with.

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