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Workshop and warehouse disinfection

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Many companies are confronted with the challenge of mitigating the spread of the COVID-19 virus within the office or production facility. As part of the South African "Risk-adjustment strategy for economic activity", the following rules are being imposed across all sectors and risk levels:

  • Industries are encouraged to adopt a work-from-home strategy where possible, and all staff who can work remotely must be allowed to do so.

  • Workers above the age of 60, as well as workers with comorbidities identified by the Department of Health should be offered a work-from-home option or allowed to remain on leave with full pay.

  • There should be workplace protocols in place that would include disease surveillance and prevention of the spread of infection.

  • All employers to screen staff on a daily basis for symptoms of COVID-19, including a symptom check as well as temperature assessment.

  • All employees to use a cloth mask especially where social distancing is not possible.

  • Work environment to have sanitisers available or hand washing facilities with soap.

  • Stringent social distancing measures should be implemented in the workplace.

Explospot Systems Pty Ltd provides support in regard to the "prevention of the spread of infection" in (to name a few) workshops, warehouses, offices and vehicles.

Disinfection of workshops and warehouses

The use of indoor dry mist disinfection turbines allows the facility to be disinfected within a few minutes. The turbine sanitizes an area of up to 4000m² to be within 5min. Allowing full operation within the workshop after only a few minutes.

The turbines are extremely efficient. With a water flow of only 4 liters per minute, these turbines do not waste our precious resource. As the water droplets are so small the moisture does not affect the use of electronics during the application phase.

With a 63db(A) sound pressure level during operation, these turbines are unrivaled in regard to the lowest noise level.

See the video here.

We always recommend using a disinfectant that is certified to be effective against viruses (such as the COVID-19 or other Corona viruses), bacteria and fungi. Therefore Explospot Systems Pty Ltd only provides the ERSA disinfectant. This disinfectant is eco-friendly, biocompatible, certified, non-toxic and effective for 18 hours!

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