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Effective and efficient indoor atomized decontamination

What are you looking for when being confronted by a challenge like the current COVID-19 pandemic?

  1. Efficacy

  2. Safe to apply

  3. Best-fit application

  4. Robustness


The dominant factor, without a doubt, when looking for a disinfectant is the efficacy! You should only consider to use a product once it has been tested, proven and certified to deactivate the relevant viruses, bacteria and fungi. How to test the efficacy will be described by internationally acknowledged testing methods. Typical methods are described by the US EPA and European Union EN standards. One disinfectant that complies to both EPA and EN testing methods is ERSA.

Safe to apply

The challenge when decontaminating a room is that the disinfectant used might cause harm to the person decontaminating the room, to the equipment in the room and to people that might be working in that particular room at the time of decontamination. The WHO has issued a warning in regard to the exposure to certain disinfectants. When considering a disinfectant, consider who and what might be exposed to the disinfectant and what damage it might inflict on the equipment in that room (e.g corrosion).

There are disinfectants, such as ERSA, that are non-corrosive, non-toxic and biocompatible. These type of disinfectant will also be certified to prove their safe use. A typical mark that these products will have is the CE mark. The objective of this mark is to restrict hazardous material. ERSA has a CE class 2b medical device marking. This proves that the disinfectant is safe to use. It can be applied without using PPE and without harming equipment and staff that are exposed to the disinfectant.

Best-fit application

Once the applicable disinfectant and the decontamination area has been determined, the next step is to establish how to apply the disinfectant in that environment. There is a variety of equipment available to use. Be aware, that not all disinfectants can be applied the same way. Alcohol based disinfectant should not be applied as a mist or fog. Not only is an alcohol based disinfectant toxic to humans when being misitfied, the alcohol disinfectant mist is highly flammable.

In general a misting application is an efficient way to apply a disinfectant. Note that a surface disinfectant's efficacy can be tested according to EN 13697. This test will qualify a disinfectants efficacy when being applied. This test will for instance determine whether a surface disinfectant, that is being applied by a mistig application will in actual fact still be effective. ERSA for example has been tested and approved effective in Italy as per EN 13697. The tests are conducted on a regular basis and are conducted using dry mist! Explospot Systems supplies various dry mist application machines such as:

  1. Stored Pressure disinfectant trolleys (no electricity needed; mining qualified; designed for medium sized areas)

  2. Stored Pressure disinfectant backpacks (no electricity needed; mining qualified; designed for small sized areas - waiting rooms, offices, cars, )

  3. Electrically operated disinfectant trolleys (designed for large areas)

  4. Disinfectant turbine (designed for very large areas - workshops, warehouses etc.)


A key feature when determining the right machine to use for your decontamination needs is robustness. Robustness does not only relate to the material used (e.g stainless steel and industrial class components) but also to the operability of the machine. A machine with lots of gadgets, complex workflows and dependencies (such as compressors ) will most probably result in defects, incorrect use and lastly break down. Rely on manufacturers that have a proven track record in regard to robust, easy to use safety equipment. A company such as Explospot Systems will incorporate the above factors into the design. Equipment designed for the harshest industrial environments (such as underground coal mining) will cater for easy to use, extremely robust equipment.

How can I get more details?

Explospot Systems is the OEM of a range of atomizing decontamination equipment. We are eager to assist you to solve the safety challenges.

You can contact us on:

How can I become an agent or reseller?

Do not hesitate to contact us should you be interested in becoming an agent in a new territory, a channel partner or local reseller.

You can contact us on:

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