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Significantly increase the fire protection

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

The FT10e firefighting turbine represents a new and innovative generation of stationary fire protection systems. It's unique characteristic: the firefighting turbine is able to distribute water mist over a considerable distance and can thus extinguish the fire faster

The turbine offers many advantages because it operates with water mist. This means that in the event of a fire, the water mist is able to cool the structure more effectively, a smaller quantity is needed to extinguish the fire, which also results in less associated costs. The turbine can easily be integrated into existing structures, and it is a simple process to connect it into the central local fire alarm systems.

  • Water mist is exceptionally effective in extinguishing fires

  • The structure is more effectively cooled with water mist

  • Water mist is able to envelop objects so it can also reach hidden fires

  • Water mist is very efficient in suppressing contaminants and can hinder the emission of gases using water curtains.


The water mist turbine offers a high level of safety.

It is particularly suitable in for: recycling yards, landfill dumps, oil and gas, chemical industries, industries that use timber and large storage facilities that store flammable material.

Certified classes of fire

The accredited fire protection certification organizations bSafe, the TÜV Süd, and the MPA Dresden have confirmed that the FT10e is very suitable for use in the following types of fires:

  • A = solid fuels

  • B = liquid fuels

  • C = gaseous fuels

  • F = burning fat

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