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Methane Gas and/or Coal Dust Explosion Mitigation

Active Explosion Barriers

Active Explosion Barriers are used to contain and suppress a methane gas and/or coal dust explosion propagation. Research done in 1998 indicated that active explosion barriers are well suited to be used on mechanized cutting machines, making it the only technology that could suppress a methane gas and/or coal dust explosion during its propagation phase at the cutting face.

This technology not only adds protection during mining operations but also has the pot

ential to reduce the development of toxic gases, fatal temperature increase and fatal overpressure build up. During their evolution over the last two decades, further advantages of Active Explosion Barriers were proven in mine operations in various countries. Properties such as effectivity, efficiency, mobility and a

compact real-estate allow these systems to be used in various locations within a mine operation, including highwall operations. This improved technology contribution to safer coal mining was recognized by mine operators, workers and regulators. Countries have different legislations and mining guidelines to use these systems as a technology to ensure the safety within their underground coal mines. The mobility and flexible implementation of the Active Explosion Barriers allow a feasible and practical solution for all critical locations for explosion and fire management in an underground coal mine.

Active Explosion Barriers detect an explosion in two milliseconds and trigger a sequence whereby suppression material is dispersed into the roadway within a few milliseconds. This creates a suppression barrier stopping the flame’s propagation and suppressing the explosion. Active Explosion Barriers can be integrated into an available machinery including (but not limited to) continuous miners, road headers, longwall shields, stage loaders, continuous haulage systems and feeder breakers. At the same time the Active Explosion Barriers can be used as mobile or semi-mobile standalone plants.

Explospot Systems Pty Ltd is the Original Equipment Manufacturer of the Active Explosion Barriers. These systems have been in operational use for over 20 years and in time have suppressed multiple explosions. These systems conform to (amongst others):

  • South African Mine Health and Safety Council’s (MHSC) Guidelines for the Compilation of Mandatory Code of Practice the Prevention of Flammable Gas and Coal Dust Explosion in Collieries

  • Resources Safety & Health Queensland (RSHQ) Recognized Standard 21 in Australia

  • Coal Industrial Standard of the Peoples Republic of China

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