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Fire Fighting Turbines


Why is water mist so effective in the fight against fire?

The finer and smaller the droplets are, the larger the water surface and absorption surface and heat can thus be better extracted from the fire.


For example:

Consider 1 liter of water. If the droplets have a size of:

  • 1 µm diameter, they form 6m² of water surface

  • 10 µm diameter, they form 60m² of water surface

  • 100 µm diameter, they form 600m² of water surface

A fire fighting turbine expands the area apllications of water mist.

  • With the fire fighting turbine, a large, previously unknown energy absorbtion & cooling effect is achieved when exstinguishing fires.

  • Water mist creates an envelops araound an object, therefore hidden sources of fire can also be reached.

  • The  water mist turbine will have an effective fire fighting area of  10 to 75 m (depending on configuration)

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