Dust Suppression

Explospot Systems ith the OEM of a Dust Suppression System used in underground coal mining to control and reduce the dust. The systems are compact and modular. Therefore they can be installed on the coal cutting machines as well as feeder breakers. The systems can also be installed on a conveyor. The Dust Suppression Systems can be configured to suit the user requirements e.g foam pouring, wet chemical mist etc.


The general system specifications are as follows:


Working pressure: 5 - 18 bar

Size: 30 - 50l (depending on the machine, the dimensions may vary)


We are the OEM of the Dust Suppression System and do not require the operator to use any specific chemical. We can mix any water soluble chemical. The chemical generally used, is a cost effective, green technology that uses natural organic polymers that overcome the hydrophobic nature of fossil fuels and binds coal particles reducing their release into the air. Carefully controlled tests, at wind speeds of up to 50km/h, show a massive 96% reduction in the loss of coal particles smaller than 4mm in diameter.