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Disinfectant Solutions

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The Explospot Systems Decontamination Backpack ( DIS-SP-Backpack ) is designed to use minimal disinfectant to cover the greatest area. The backpacks are filled with the internationally certified "ERSA" disinfectant. One liter of ERSA disinfectant will cover an area of 200m²! The disinfectant has a medical class IIb CE mark proving the absolute safe use even if people or within the application area.

The ERSA disinfectant is certified effective by the US EPA and the South African SABS (SANS 51276). 

The ERSA disinfectant is non-toxic and non-corrosive. It can be applied to any surface without any effect on the surface except for the decontamination of viruses (such as COVID-19), bacteria and funghi.

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