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Active Explosion Barriers conforming to the Recognized Standard 21

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Active Explosion Barriers (Automatic Explosion Suppression System used in underground coal mines) have evolved dramatically to achieve not only the functional requirements, but also the requirements introduced by the environment that they are installed in. Along the process of their evolution the Active Explosion Barriers have become even more compact, robust and feasible to apply.


Explospot's Active Explosion Barriers conform and is a key enablement mechanism to mitigate the risk of methane gas and coal dust explosions when using mechanized mining equipment (Bord and Pillar, Development, Longwall, Auger, High-Wall and others):


Active Explosion Barriers are designed to stop the propagation and suppress explosions as close as 5m from the ignition source. At the same time they are capable of stopping an explosion along an underground roadway at 120m.


Explospot's Active Explosion Barriers can be used as:

  • Machine mounted barriers (such as Continuous Miners, Roof Support, Feeder Breakers, Stage Loaders)

  • Autonomous barriers in the tailgate of a longwall operation or in an entry or return airway

  • Various other locations determined by the Risk Management of a particular mine

Validation and testing

The validation and testing of Active Explosion Barriers can be categorized as follows:

  1. Functional conformance testing by independent testing institutes such as the CSIR's Kloppersbos testing facility

  2. Component testing in accordance with internationally recognized IEC standards for hazardous zones

  3. Full manufacturing traceability and documentation in accordance to quality management systems based on ISO and IEC requirements.

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